The top 10 Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery


Sometimes cosmetic surgery seems necessary when you feel bad about yourself. But for some people, the quest for eternal youth and beauty becomes a real obsession and then pushes the vice a little too far. Their faces become unrecognizable because the result is not always expected.

Hundreds of stars are disfigured and become unrecognizable. Many regret it and now try to turn back the clock.

Discover the TOP 10 of the worst failures of cosmetic surgery for stars.

#10) Renee Zellweger

Although she explained that her physical metamorphosis was due to a particularly happy period of her life, Renée Zellweger, then 48 years old, recently appeared completely changed, She just kept her mouth so that we could recognize. : too many botox stings on his face and lips, a transformed chest and eyelids which completely changed his physiognomy. In 2016 after the third installment of Bridget Jones, she finally found the courage to admit that she had used cosmetic surgery, but that after all, her private life should not interest anyone.

#9) Michael Jackson

The King of Pop is obviously on the list of the worst plastic surgery failures. We all know that Michael Jackson had changed his skin colour all over himself. And the result was disastrous.

#8) Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman has wrinkle phobia. “A few little botox injections will do the trick,” the actress said. One treatment after another, the beautiful Australian lost all facial expression.
If she said she regretted her botox injections in 2013, it seems she’s done it again!

At over 50 years of age, Nicole Kidman remains one of the most popular and sought-after actresses in the world. The Hollywood star is however difficult to recognize: ultra smooth skin, drawn face, protruding cheekbones. One would not go fearfully without the other …

#7) Jackie Stallone

Sylvester’s mother has repeatedly confessed to abusing the scalpel. The results today, at over 97 years of age, she has a totally frozen and deformed face.

The mother of actor Sylvester Stallone admits, in an interview with the English magazine Reveal, not only that she has had cosmetic surgery, but also that she has abused it, with the result of “looking like a kind of squirrel with a mouth full of nuts and hazelnuts”. It’s never too late to admit your mistakes!

#6) Sophia Loren

In spite of her natural Mediterranean beauty and her wonderful career: Award for Best Actress at Cannes and Oscar for Best Actress, Sophia Loren has also sought to stem the ravages of time. Rumour has it that after 40,000 euros spent on face-lifts, botox in the cheeks, injections and cosmetic products, the “Italian Marilyn Monroe” doesn’t seem to want to stop there.

#5) Pamela Anderson

Who doesn’t remember his sexy Playboy photos, or his participation in the Malibu Alert series, his freshness and “natural” beauty when he arrived from his native Canada in the 90s? And yet, she too was influenced like most Hollywood stars to undergo cosmetic surgery and she never denied it. However, it is a contradiction in terms that she declared in 2015 to People magazine that she no longer recognized herself! How is it possible to get to that point?

#4) Melanie Griffith

After suffering numerous setbacks in her plastic surgery operations, the 60-year-old actress ends up confessing her regrets. Melanie Griffith consents to having abused the scalpel.


Kim Novak has undergone an incredible number of plastic surgeries over the years, convinced that she is becoming more beautiful, yet at 80 years of age, she is completely disfigured. In 2014 at the Oscars, the criticism was fierce: “Kim should sue her plastic surgeon,” said the current president of the United States, Donald Trump. Recently, Kim Novak admits to having had fat bites on her face, which have forever erased her beauty.

#2) Donatella Versace

Difficult to give her an age… Donatella Versace is unfortunately one of those stars who have abused cosmetic surgery.
Excessive UV sessions, a lifted forehead and ultra-plumped lips, the sister of the famous murdered fashion designer does everything to hide her 64 years old.

#1) Jocelyn Wildenstein

Wife of a billionaire, she is one of the most altered personalities in the world. She was nicknamed “Cat Woman” by the press.
This world-famous Baroness was obsessed with taking on the appearance of a cat as much as possible in order to seduce her husband once again.
But the result of this absurd idea can be seen on her face, completely disfigured by inhuman suffering.


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