The Best Hybrid Cars of 2020


The hybrid market has seen a sharp increase in market share over the past year. Thanks to a wider choice of models, it is becoming attractive to buy a plug-in hybrid car. Discover our top 5!

In view of the growing lack of interest in diesel engines and the increase in restricted traffic areas, hybrid cars are being considered as a new alternative. Today there are several types of hybrid systems as well as plug-in hybrid models. There are also a multitude of battery options and variations. Discover our tips and our selection of the best 2019 hybrid car models to help you choose the ideal car.

To help you see more clearly we describe for you the rental options available to you as well as the models at reduced prices. No more need to buy a car to drive when you want.

  1. Hybrid car or plug-in hybrid car : how to choose?

A hybrid car is ideal for city driving because of its limited battery life. The price of a hybrid car is generally higher than other types of engines, but there is a wide range for all budgets. Less expensive in fuel and maintenance, it’s a good long-term investment if you’re making short trips.

If you’re looking for a model with a long range, a plug-in hybrid car is what you need! The battery, which is larger in size, offers a large capacity. You benefit from an electric range of up to 60 km for a speed of 130 km/h, then the combustion engine takes over. It is now possible to drive a hybrid for longer trips.

It is necessary to install a charging outlet at home or at work if you choose a plug-in hybrid car. The price of a home charging station is around 600 dollars for the simplest models. It is also worth noting that the number of charging points is increasing every year on the public grid.

  1. Our top five hybrid cars.

The year 2019 marks the end of commercialization of hybrid diesel models as well as an increase in the choice of plug-in hybrid models. The Toyota Group continues to lead the industry with more than sixteen hybrid models. We offer you our top 5 of the best hybrid cars.

1- Toyota Yaris Hybrid

The Toyota Yaris is the most affordable hybrid car on the market thanks to its price starting at 11,000 dollars. This makes it the best-selling hybrid car in Europe. It is the first 100% hybrid car launched on the market. This city car offers flexible driving with a consumption of 3.3l/100 km.

2 – Toyota C-HR hybrid

Another Toyota model that is very much appreciated by motorists. It is the first hybrid SUV of the brand. Its hybrid system is composed of a gasoline engine combined with an electric motor that can go up to 170 km/h. With an average consumption of 3.4l/100 km the Toyta C-HR hybrid is available from 29,000 dollars.

3 – Hyundai Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid

This rechargeable hybrid has a range of up to 63 km with a battery that has a capacity of 8.9 kWh. Its high-performance engine delivers 45 kW of power with 141 horsepower and a fuel consumption of 1.1 l/100 km. The Hyundai Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid is available from 36,000 dollars.

The purchase price of a plug-in hybrid car is higher than a standard hybrid. This type of vehicle also costs more to maintain.

4 – Kia Niro Hybrid

Launched in 2016, the Kia Niro Hybrid was the first compact hybrid crossover on the market. Its sleek design includes a comfortable and spacious interior. Its fuel consumption is close to 3.4L/100 km in its smallest version. The 141-horsepower hybrid model is available from 27,000 dollars and 37,000 dollars for the plug-in hybrid version.

5 – Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Plug-in Hybrid

The Outlander PHEV tops the sales charts for Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles this April with no less than 280 registrations. With a battery and engine upgraded in 2019, this 4×4 ranks as a high-performance hybrid vehicle. It has a range of 52 km and a fuel consumption of 1.8 l/100 km for 39,000 dollars.

  1. The future of hybrid cars

Sales of hybrid cars still represent a minority in the automotive market compared to electric vehicles. Manufacturers are focusing on the supply of plug-in hybrid vehicles. By 2022, no fewer than 70 new hybrid vehicles are expected to appear.


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