Belgian malinois: the intelligent dog

The belgian malinois

The Belgian Malinois Shepherd Dog is an extraordinary protection, guard and defense dog. They are endearing, intelligent, lively and show fabulous loyalty to their master. They are playful, not difficult to train and have a maintenance advantage over their Belgian cousins. In addition, his health is solid and does not require any unnecessary expenditure. The Belgian Shepherd Dog is recognizable by his mask extending from the lips to the eyelids.

The Malinois is known for its liveliness and intelligence. But that’s not all! He is also a great sportsman, a very cunning dog who will always try to accomplish tasks. Because of his innumerable abilities, the Malinois is nowadays very much in demand by the forces of law and order. He can also evolve in families, provided that he enjoys regular physical activities.

Description and characteristics of the Belgian Shepherd Malinois

The Belgian Shepherd Dog is a dog of harmonious physical proportions, reminiscent of the German Shepherd but with a more slender profile and lighter gait. Their pointed muzzle and straight, triangular ears and black masked face give them a very special expression. The eyes are dark brown and have a lively and clever look. Its fawn coat, which can have shades of charcoal grey to brown, contrasts with the head and limbs, which are darker in colour, and the mask is always black. The tail is fine and carried low, and must be kept whole as stated in the breed standard. Very alert, even nervous in nature, this is seen in its slender and muscular appearance. The body is solid and secure on its legs, ready to pounce.

History of the Belgian Shepherd Malinois Breed

The Malinois has its origins in Belgium. Sheepdogs have existed in the country for almost a century. They nevertheless had different physical appearances. At the dawn of the 20th century, breeders, under the leadership of the veterinarian Adolphe Reul, decided to improve the morphology of these dogs, which eventually gave rise to the four types of Belgian Shepherds. The year 1892 marked a turning point as the first standard was set on that date. The registration to the LOOF will take place nine years later.

Behaviour with others

Malinois  Behaviour

The Malinois lives for his master. He is very affectionate, close to his adoptive family and his master. He is invested and is very reactive to the slightest order. One has a great capacity of attention. He is dynamic, devoted, loyal and faithful. He is always ready to defend or even save his master’s life, even if it means giving his own in exchange.

the Belgian Malinois is very brave and he does not let anyone come and impose himself on his territory. Thus, he makes an excellent guard dog. He is very intelligent and quick-witted. It is not for nothing that he is prized by police and armies all over the world. He is also playful with children, whom he will protect from anything.

Diet and main health problems of the Belgian Shepherd Malinois

The Malinois is a particularly hardy and hardy breed. No specific disease is attributed to it even if, as with all large dogs, it can potentially be affected by hip dysplasia. But here again, the Malinois is less prone to this disease compared to other dogs of this size.

The diet will have to be adapted to the sporting nature of the Malinois. Many nutrients, especially carbohydrates and proteins, are essential for his good development.

Education of the Belgian Shepherd Malinois

Belgian Malinois

Sensitive, intelligent and full of humanity, the Malinois must be educated with gentleness, kindness but also firmness. Education must begin at a very young age. He wants to please his master and this is an undeniable advantage. It is necessary to socialize him as much as possible so that he does not experience any difficulty in his approach to others when he is an adult.

Never be violent. If he disobeys, do not hesitate to sulk. He always needs his master and therefore will quickly understand that he did not do what he was asked to do. He can also learn through play and should not have to do too many repetitive exercises, otherwise he will get bored.

Price of a dog or puppy of Belgian Shepherd Malinois breed

  • Median Price: $1,067.50
  • Average Price: $1,100.00
  • Top Quality: $3,500.00 to $9,000.00


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