10 Indoor Houseplants For Low Light


Having plants in your home is the big trend of the moment! It’s a way to bring a little greenery into certain rooms of the house while decorating it. It’s even better when these plants last as long as possible… Because yes, in the end, they offer a lot of advantages:

  • A good start to gardening for beginners;
  • You can keep them for a long time, so you can get attached to them;
  • They are able to survive even when you go on holiday or when you’ve had your hands too heavy on watering;
  • They adapt easily to any indoor environment (low light, dry air…);
  • They will save you money, no need to keep investing in plants to replace them!

Here’s our best 10 Indoor :

1. Kentia

Very beautiful plant of interior decoration, the kentia is reputed very robust and supports rather well the lack of luminosity. It also has depolluting virtues, perfect to place it in a living room.

2. Ivy

Ivy holds up perfectly well in a room with little heat and light. Very pretty decorative plant, let the small leaves fall down along a pot.

3. Ceropegia

This greasy plant, also called “chain of hearts” because of its small heart shaped leaves, is perfect to decorate your shelves even in full sun. You can water them infrequently.

4. The Echinocactus

This variety of cactus needs very little water: once a month is more than enough! Moreover, it is one of the trendiest plants of the moment.

5. The Pilea

It’s a green plant that made a comeback! Pilea is easy to live with and requires very little maintenance. To be placed anyway in a bright place.

6. Scindapsus

Known to be the plants of our “grandmothers”, they are often placed as decoration on shelves and window sills. Their abundant vegetation allows you to have a quick filling without having to maintain them much.

7. The Aloe Vera

In addition to having healing properties, Aloe Vera is a robust plant! You don’t need to water it much and it grows very quickly.

8. The Sansevieria

The Sansevieria or mother-in-law’s tongue has the reputation of being indestructible because it fits perfectly in our interiors! It also has virtues for the eyes, the skin and the respiratory tracts.

9. Dipladenia

This plant is perfect if you have a brightly lit veranda. It tolerates sunlight and watering at intervals.

10. The Zamioculcas

Also known as Spring Happiness, this plant is reputed to be one of the most resistant plants. We love the exotic touch it brings to the decoration of a room.


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