how to make money on instagram


Many instagrammers monetize their account by publishing and sharing their photos daily. Has their example motivated you to do the same and make money on instagram ?
Just like Bloggers, YouTubers, and anyone else who has built an audience by producing engaging content, instagrammers do well in terms of reach and influence; two elements that many brands struggle to master.
Today, because of their reach and influence, Instagram creators have the opportunity to explore many sources of revenue; whether it’s creating an empire or simply earning additional income and free gifts.

Follow our 4 steps to monetize your Instagram account!

1) Find your niche

Here’s a good place to start. Choose a topic that works, but above all, choose a topic that hasn’t been used a lot. Ideally, find a subcategory of a major theme. This prevents you from spreading yourself too thin with non-engaging content and allows you to reach a specific audience.
For example:

  • Instead of promoting fitness, focus on fitness for people over 40.
  • Rather than relying on organic food, target organic breakfasts.
  • Instead of a travel account, focus on the theme “traveling with your pets”.

Of course, it will be necessary to draw from a theme that you are passionate about, from a subject that you master and that you experience on a daily basis.

2) Build your community

instagram community

Regularly publish quality content that contains human and personal touches. Be careful, these contents must reflect the chosen niche. Really keep your theme in mind and avoid spreading yourself too thin.
In short, you don’t have to have a large audience to start generating revenue on Instagram.
Here are some factors to consider :

  • Your niche and the ease with which your content can be linked to other niches or product categories (depending on which hashtags are most used, some of the most popular niches on Instagram are: fashion, food, beauty and fitness).
  • The level of commitment of your followers (100,000 fake followers are not worth much).
  • The revenue channels considered.
    Naturally, the higher the level of engagement of your audience, the more brands will be interested in your services.

While famous instagrammers make thousands of dollars per publication, it is quite possible to make money with a very committed audience of only 1000 followers.

3) Propose products in affiliation


Unlike the influencer, whose objective is only to increase brand awareness, the affiliate is more involved in selling the promoted products in exchange for a commission.
Instagram is a strong marketplace. Before you can work directly with brands, you have to rely on affiliation.
This technique consists of selling a company’s products on your account in exchange for a commission. To get started, subscribe to the brands whose products you are interested in. Be active on their page by offering advice to their community.
To find goods or services to promote, also use affiliate platforms such as Affilae, Awin, Club Affiliation or even Amazon. Post product tests in your feed, as well as stories and place your affiliate link in your biography.
If possible, offer promotional codes to your community to generate more sales.

4) Collaboration avec des marques dans le cadre de publications sponsorisées

The term “influencer” is frequently used nowadays.
An influencer is essentially anyone who has succeeded in developing their online influence by sharing valuable content. Influencers are viewed by their audience members as trusted experts, trend setters and respected opinion leaders in specific areas.
The reach and size of your Instagram account, however, are not the only factors affecting brands; the trust your audience places in you is just as important.
As an influencer, it can be difficult to balance integrity and profit. If the profit generated on Instagram is not your only source of revenue, you will be able to select brands to collaborate with, just as brands carefully select instagrammers to partner with.

Monetize your presence on Instagram

money on instagram

What might at first start out as a hobby taking fun pictures with your dog, sharing recipe photos, entertaining people could quickly turn into an interesting source of income supported by an engaged Instagram audience.
As an influential content creator, there’s a world of possibilities when it comes to monetizing your presence on Instagram and other social platforms; all you have to do is dare.


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