Covid-19: How to do sports at home?


To stay healthy, it is essential that all family members participate in physical activity every day. How to successfully let off steam, while remaining confined? Some tips for staying in shape.

In this period of home confinement, where movement is prohibited , we tend to spend most of our time sitting. However, the practice of daily physical activity is essential to stay in good health.  

If you telecommute, you will most likely spend a good part of your day in a static position. It is advisable to move regularly. Stretch every hour, and get up at least every two hours. Walk at home for five minutes, drink a little water, get some fresh air if you have an outside, or by the window.
Then, the ideal is to reserve a slot of thirty minutes every day for exercise at a fixed time.

To spend yourself, you don’t need a lot of equipment. A simple carpet accompanied by a little music and you can do gymnastics, yoga, pilates, dance, even jump rope, as Ellia, textile designer telecommuting in her apartment tells us: “ I alternate between jumps and abdominal exercises so as not to tire the whole body at once.”

The important thing is to be able to let off steam and juggle between exercises from one day to the next. So your muscles have time to rest and are not overloaded.

If sport is not your cup of tea, but you have a way to let off steam, don’t worry. As Roxana Maracineanu recalls, “even cleaning, carried out with more enthusiasm than usual, already represents a means of putting your body into action! Physical activity manifests itself in many actions of daily life.

Relaxation and meditation

“I find it hard to motivate myself to do sports, so I’m gradually getting into it,” explains Henri, a student in art history. At first, I was doing sheathing by reading a book, then, progressively, push-ups while listening to the radio and squats (leg curls) while brushing my teeth! And now I sleep much better!

Also think of relaxation or meditation exercises, which allow you to relax when stressed. And for those who don’t live alone, motivate each other. It is always encouraging to be with others!


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