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Top 10 Universities In the World 2020

What are the best universities? The date of the World University Ranking, or Shanghai's top 500, falls in mid-August. In the meantime,...

How Mushrooms Are Grown ?

Mushroom growing: principle and techniques The cultivation of mushrooms Mushrooms can be grown outdoors...

10 Indoor Houseplants For Low Light

Having plants in your home is the big trend of the moment! It's a way to bring a little greenery into certain...
wedding makeup

Best tips and advices for perfect wedding makeup

Be beautiful, glamorous and sparkling: these will be your beauty goals for your wedding day. When the...

The top 10 Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Sometimes cosmetic surgery seems necessary when you feel bad about yourself. But for some people, the quest for eternal youth and beauty...
eggs breakfast

Eggs for breakfast : The benefits of eggs for breakfast

Nourishing, inexpensive, and rather tasty if it is well prepared, egg is a food that should not be forgotten. And consuming it...

When to Harvest Garlic ?

Harvest the garlic as soon as the leaves begin to yellow, between 4 and 9 months depending on the planting period of...

The Best Hybrid Cars of 2020

The hybrid market has seen a sharp increase in market share over the past year. Thanks to a wider choice of models,...

Pregnancy Symptoms: 8 early signs of pregnancy

Pregnancy is the term used when a woman has a fetus growing inside her, mostly in the womb.How can I guess the...

Covid-19: How to make a face mask with fabric

Coronavirus mask: make a homemade protective mask Do you want to make a protective mask?

Coronavirus COVID 19 – Recommendations to protect yourself from the epidemic

How to protect yourself from COVID-19 coronavirus? Faced with the COVID-19 coronavirus, there are...

Anti-inflammatory foods

An anti-inflammatory food is a food that puts very little strain on the pancreas during digestion, both in its production of insulin...

10 Healthy foods to eat to lose weight

Some foods are used for weight loss, and are more effective than others: powerful antioxidants, detoxifiers, rich in nutrients ... They have benefits that...