bengal cat

Bengal cat : all about this breed of cat

One of the most beautiful breeds of cat that you can acquire is undoubtedly the Bengal cat,...
Tibetan mastiff

Most expensive dogs in the world

The dog is known to be man's best friend. For many people, he is also a loved one, and sometimes "dear" in...

10 tips to remove the smell of cat urine

Cat urine has a particularly strong and persistent smell. Once your cat has gone to the toilet, it is difficult to get...
belgian malinois

Belgian malinois: the intelligent dog

The Belgian Malinois Shepherd Dog is an extraordinary protection, guard and defense dog. They are endearing, intelligent,...

Rottweiler : character, behavior, food, health

Description and characteristics of the Rottweiler The Rottweiler is recognizable by its imposing, powerful...

Why My Cat Throwing Up Food

QUESTIONS TO ASK IF YOUR CAT NO LONGER EATS : First of all, be aware that a cat's appetite...

French Bulldog all about this breed of dog

Physical characteristics of the French Bulldog Varieties: brindle; white and brindleIt is a small,...

The cat is the most beautiful of pets

It's been 9,500 years that cats have taken hold of us with their adorable little claws and that since then humans have...

The Chihuahua, a small dog with a strong character!

It is important not to judge by its small size: the Chihuahua has a sacred temperament and is very suspicious of strangers...

The Cane Corso, imposing dog of the molossoid family

Belonging to the molossoid family, the Cane Corso impresses with its imposing posture. Beneath his air of a great watchdog, however, hides...

The Golden Retriever, all about this breed of dog

The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular breeds in the world because of its jovial and friendly attitude. Its intelligence...