Bodybuilding: the 10 main mistakes to avoid


Do you want to reach your weight training goals? Be careful not to do just anything! Discover the main mistakes you should not make if you want to progress and avoid injury.

Bodybuilding mistakes

Mistake 1: Going to the room as a tourist.

Not giving your all, stopping the series well before the muscle failure means that the muscle has not been stimulated enough.

Mistake 2: Wanting to do too much

Motivated like never before to start a new weight-training program, you spend hours every day at the gym with endless workouts. Be careful not to confuse quantity and quality! It is better to do an intensive 45-minute workout than a long and boring 2-hour workout.

Moreover, it is useless to train every day. Too frequent training does not allow optimal rest for the nervous and muscular system, and the sessions then become less and less productive.

Mistake 3: Staying too long on the insulation devices

Instead, focus on basic exercises: barbell and dumbbell. It requires good execution and a controllable load rather than a heavier, uncontrollable load. Have a partner follow you.

Mistake 4: disregard food and Nutrition

“Exercise is king. Nutrition is king. Put them together and you get a kingdom.” Here’s a quote we regularly give our athletes to help them understand the importance of nutrition in sports performance.

Whether your goal is to lose weight or gain muscle, the quality of your nutrition will be paramount to achieving your goals. Forget the dogma: 70% training and 30% nutrition… It represents nothing and will not get you anywhere. Think instead: 100% Training and 100% Food for 200% motivation.

bodybuilding mistakes

Mistake 5: Not getting enough sleep

Sleep is recuperative, you have to sleep well to build muscle. It allows you to make more testosterone, which is used to make muscle and burn fat.

Mistake 6: Neglecting to warm up

Warming up is an integral part of your training! It has many benefits such as preventing injuries, improving performance and recovery. Warming up, as the name suggests, warms up the body and thus prepares it for the effort.

In weight training, we advise you to start with a global warm-up on a cardio machine (rowing machine, elliptical…) then to finish with a specific warm-up by doing a few repetitions of the exercises planned in your session body, with a progressive increase of the loads.

Mistake 7: Neglecting certain parts of the body

Who hasn’t seen athletes with flamingo legs and muscular torsoes? Balance and muscular harmony are very important for 2 major reasons: being physically complete and avoiding injuries.

Mistake 8: Not having an objective.

To succeed, whether it’s in weight training or in life, you have to set a goal. And of course, it has to be achievable. Think, in this case, about setting intermediate goals.

Mistake 9: Training at random

Random training leads to poor results and an increased risk of injury. An unthought-out weight training program does not allow for progress in the medium/long term and this will result in demotivation.

Following a personalized training is much more interesting because each exercise is selected according to your personal characteristics including morpho-anatomy This will help you progress intelligently while preserving your health, because we remind you that weight training can quickly cause injuries if it is poorly supervised

Mistake 10: Do not persevere in the effort

You have to be motivated, patient, persevering, you are a reflection of your efforts. We are in a consumer world where the body has become a product. Changing it effortlessly and immediately is not possible. Forget this idea, in bodybuilding it doesn’t exist.


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