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How to convert bitcoins into dollars

Bitcoin has been heralded by many as the currency of the future, but there are few places that accept it at the moment. Fortunately, it is easy to convert Bitcoin into a usable currency such as the Euro. If you want to know how much a Bitcoin is worth, you can do a search on the Internet. If you want to convert Bitcoins into euros, you have to deposit them on an electronic marketplace and sell them to an interested buyer. The e-marketplace will quickly and easily convert your Bitcoins into euros and transfer them to your bank card, bank account or the e-wallet of your choice.

1- Compare the different rates : Choose the service that offers the best. Even when the average bitcoin conversion rate improves, different services offer different conversion rates. For example, imagine that one service sells you one Bitcoin at €8,000 and another at €8,100. If all other parameters are the same, you should choose the second service to make the most money with your Bitcoins .

2- Convert your Bitcoins with a cheap service : Conversion services usually charge a fee for the conversion. Sometimes there is a flat fee, regardless of the amount you convert, other times there is a percentage charge levied on the total amount of the conversion. Compare the different fees for different conversion services and choose the one that offers the best one .

Fees can change over time, so you should check them before the conversion.

3- Check that the service is safe : There are several ways to find out if the bitcoin conversion site is secure. You can find sites that review conversion sites. You can also check that the site address begins with “HTTPS” (as opposed to “HTTP” which is less secure). Finally, go to a conversion site that uses a two-factor identification to ensure that only you can approve bitcoin conversions.

4- Choose a service with fast conversion : Some sites can take up to five days to transfer the money, but other services can do it in two or three days.

No matter how you transfer and convert your Bitcoins, you will usually have to wait several days for the market you are passing through to verify your identity and account details.
For example, you can use Bitstamp, Wirex and Coinbase to convert your Bitcoins into Euros. It’s more or less the same process, only the designation and fees change.
The cheapest ones have a desktop version and an application version.



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