Best Haircuts For Men 2020


A comeback, a perm to look like his favourite footballer ? Men’s hairstyles may well surprise you this year.

A new vision of hairstyling for men

Has the relationship between men and hairdressing changed in recent years?

The hipster movement was the trigger. All of a sudden, men had cuts with ultra precise codes; they became addicted to hairdressers and barbers. Previously, most men had a very practical view of hair cutting: it had to be quick and efficient, in an almost hygienic approach.
But hipster fashion has its limits. In addition to being fleeting, it was too codified.Everything was very categorized and not adapted to everyone. But the man has come to realize that his hair look is a true identity. Gone are the uniform hairstyles long on top and shaved on the sides, from now on the watchword is diversity. The challenge of the coming years will certainly be to address all men, in a transgenerational way, in the city or in the country, so that everyone can create their own hair identity with their hairdresser.
Short, medium or long hair … A multiplicity of men’s cuts

Today, you have to count on a multiplicity of looks: varied lengths, more softness and less control in the cut. Olivier Lebrun explains: “There’s a marine spirit with hair that’s a little salty, wavy… We’re going back to longer, more lively hair. We’ll still have short hair but not as pronounced lines as before. It’s a bit like an English dandy with longer legs and necks. “Men have learned to tame their hair and are no longer afraid of fuzzy, wild cuts. From the man bun to the hair in the wind… The diversity of male hair is not without displeasure.

Men’s hairdressing: trends for 2020

When it comes to men’s hairstyles, football players are a source of inspiration. If David Beckham launched the hipster cut, Paul Pogba later created a breath of street life in the hair world. Indeed, he embodied the hyper urban, graphic, clipper-shaved hairstyle. Our expert goes further: “The football player is a look reference for some men. Today, we think of the hair evolution of Antoine Griezmann who bleached his hair and then left it curly. Tomorrow, we could imagine a return to the Neymar-style perm for men. But this concerns especially the younger ones and these are ephemeral trends. »

Men’s haircut : vintage inspiration

In 2020, the trends of the past are making a comeback more than ever. And men’s haircuts are not spared. We see it notably with the success of the so-called “undercut” haircut, understand short underneath, popularized by the character of Tommy Shelby in the series “Peaky Blinders”. This cut, which varies between the “very short” and the longest on the front of the head, gives you a very stylish dandy style. For those who would like to keep some length on the top of the head, simply place your long hair to the side.


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