Pregnancy Symptoms: 8 early signs of pregnancy


Pregnancy is the term used when a woman has a fetus growing inside her, mostly in the womb.
How can I guess the first symptoms of a pregnancy and what are the signs that suggest I am pregnant?

Pregnancy Symptoms

1) Missed Period

When you are pregnant, your period disappears, reappear only a few months after delivery.
In short, when the days of waiting for menstruation turn into a week, the presumption of pregnancy increases and the interest in taking a test is confirmed.

2) Swelling and hypersensitivity of the breasts

Even if it is not the best known, it is often the first sign to appear. Why are the breasts painful? Because of the action of estrogen, which increases at the end of the cycle to prepare the body “just in case” a pregnancy begins. However, this symptom is common in some women just before the onset of their period. It is therefore not an infallible indicator either. But if breast swelling is associated with a delayed period, the chances of getting pregnant are higher.

3) The need to urinate frequently

This need manifests itself night and day. The frequent urge to urinate occurs when the embryo is well “hooked” and produces human chorionic gonadrophin (HCG or beta HCG): the pregnancy hormone that is measured to confirm that I am pregnant.

4) Nausées et vomissements

For some, the first sign of pregnancy is the onset of nausea or vomiting. For the luckiest ones, morning vomiting will only last a few days, for others, it will last for the first 3 months of pregnancy and disappear as it appeared…

pregnant woman

5) Tiredness and dizziness

If I’m pregnant, tiredness frequently occurs. This feeling of tiredness in early pregnancy is due to the massive production of progesterone during the first weeks of amenorrhea. This tiredness dissipates after about 12 weeks. Some women have the unpleasant experience of dizziness, a common symptom of pregnancy. This is a clear sign of pregnancy anaemia due to iron deficiency. An iron-rich diet combined with a prescription should stop these dizzy spells.

6) Abdominal pain

In early pregnancy, many changes take place in a woman’s body. The belly is at the centre of many discomforts during this crucial period. Some will be prone to constipation, others to heartburn. A hard and swollen belly also causes feelings of heaviness. Don’t worry, everything will return to normal after a few weeks. This is a classic pregnancy symptom.

7) A Changing Mood During Pregnancy

Do we burst into tears or just laugh for no reason? It’s only natural. Mood swings are one of the most common changes a pregnant woman goes through. Why is that? It’s the hormonal changes that make us hypersensitive. We can go from a euphoric state to a great sadness in a few minutes. Phew, that’s reassuring, it’s usually temporary! But sometimes it can last a good part of the pregnancy… Your partner will have to be understanding!

Weight gain during pregnancy

During pregnancy, weight gain follows an upward curve, but the weight gain is not the same depending on the trimester of pregnancy.
In the first trimester, weight gain is low. Some women may even lose weight in the early stages when they experience nausea or vomiting.
In the second trimester, weight gain accelerates. This is the time of cravings or sudden urges (which are sometimes disgusting). To avoid excessive weight gain, it’s best to split meals (four or five small meals) and to avoid overindulging in sugary foods. By the sixth month, a pregnant woman should have gained at least 12 pounds.


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