Best tips and advices for perfect wedding makeup


Be beautiful, glamorous and sparkling: these will be your beauty goals for your wedding day. When the big day approaches, it’s time to take an interest in your makeup.
Whether you do your wedding make-up alone or entrust your face to a beautician, you will have to do it a little bit in advance, just like for the hairstyle. With a few tricks and a little patience, the result of your wedding make-up will inevitably be pleasing to the eye.

How to wear makeup to dazzle your future husband?

In this article, we have compiled some tips and advice that inspires each future bride.

Here are the things you need to do for a perfect wedding makeup :

1. A test before the big day

Do at least one bridal makeup trial at the same time as the hair trial. They will blend together even better. Make your beauty appointments about 3 months in advance (trial and wedding day session).

2. a relaxation session the day before

For a radiant complexion and rested features, treat yourself to a relaxing session at the institute. We recommend a radiance treatment (an exfoliation, a gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin and chase away dullness, followed by intense hydration and gentle massages).

3. The eyes

Another mission of your make-up is to intensify the look. Get into the habit of using a good eye contour every day: you will see that dark circles will disappear while crow’s feet will fade. Also wax your eyebrows 3 to 4 days before your wedding day.
It is your eyes, mainly, that will “betray” your emotions on your wedding day. Many eyes will be focused on them, so make them up with special care.

Eye colors

You will have to be vigilant in the choice of your colours, they are the ones that will enhance your eyes, giving them all the radiance they deserve.

For a successful eye make-up on your wedding day, it is recommended to do a test at your beautician. Take advantage of this opportunity to give her the necessary information about the style of your dress and your theme. If you want to do your own beauty makeover, practice to find the best shades that will bring out your green eyes.

We give you below 6 makeup ideas that will inspire you

1. Play the natural card

Favour nude, champagne and beige for a more natural result and to give you a velvety complexion. Correct the look with a concealer and add depth to your eyes with a waterproof mascara. Then line your eyelids with a black pencil line and use a lip contour in the same colour as your moisturizing lipstick. For the face, apply a BB cream and lightly pat your cheekbones with a blush.

2. Go for the gold or silver make-up to dazzle your husband

This beautiful make-up is allowed as long as you have a light hand. It will consist in making up the eyes by applying a light golden or silvery reflection in their inner corner. Stay neutral for the rest of the face and for the lips, apply a nude colour or a very pale pink.

3. Oriental festive make-up

You will be a beautiful princess of the thousand and one nights by opting for a deep look underlined by a line of eyeliner or kohl and by long lashes. As a blush, choose a brown or iridescent brown shade. Finally, underline the contour of your mouth with a brown waterproof lip pencil.

4. How about you play fatal woman

As you really want this glamorous look, you will have the choice between the blood-red mouth or the look underlined by long false eyelashes and a deep black liner.

5. Now it’s your turn for the vintage make-up!

Makeup and hairstyle will go hand in hand for the success of this sophisticated look. One idea would be to mark your make up at eye level and in this case, draw your eyebrows, apply a light eye shadow in nude or pink tones, underline with a brown pencil and finish with a light mascara. How to make up the cheeks? Pink them with a light blush and select a nude or light brown lip colour.

6. Dare the iridescent smoked copper

Are you a daily smoky fan and it is unthinkable for you to change your style? In that case, forget the smoky look, but instead use a coppery eye shadow and a light brown shadow that will give you that typical intense look. A discreet eye liner flush with the lashes will intensify the look while a neutral make-up with a foundation with good coverage will be ideal for the rest of the face.


1. Completely change your makeup on the day of your wedding.

Your wedding is an opportunity to showcase your natural beauty so that you feel at the top of your confidence and beauty.
Avoid experimenting with unusual or bold colours on your wedding day. For example, colours like purple may go to some, especially those with brown or green eyes, but not to others, while more neutral shades like chocolate, bronze or copper go on all eyes and skin colours and don’t go out of style.

2. Forget the lip liner

Photos with flash can lose the definition of our facial features Use a pencil the same color as your lipstick to define slightly and make your lips stand out a little more than usual

3. forget the application of a make-up base

Do not forget to apply a makeup base on well hydrated skin so that it lasts all day.

4. forget about fixing the makeup

Just because you have chosen light makeup does not mean you should not fix it! Once your complexion is prepared, apply a fixing powder that will allow your make-up to hold throughout your wedding day while absorbing the excess sebum from your skin. Emphasize the T-zone especially if you have combination skin. Once all of your makeup is done, gently freeze everything with a fixing mist.


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